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Gifs may be best known as a format for eminently shareable memes, drawn from films, TV shows, and YouTube videos and shared around the Web as bite-size reactions to every possible situation. But in the past few years, a few creators have raised them to the level of art form. And some of those artists appear to have gone deep down the psychedelic rabbit hole, because their colorful, ever-looping creations speak the visual language known by every tripper.

One such gif artist is Hexeosis, who has been producing animations at the intersection of mathematics and psychedelia since 2013. Have a peek at these mesmerizing slices of hyperspace, and be sure to check out more of the artist’s work on the Hexeosis website.

















Enamored with these geometric worlds?

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This Cube of Infinite Mirrors Expands, Contracts, and Blows Your Mind Tue, 20 May 2014 11:45:45 +0000 This Cube of Infinite Mirrors Expands, Contracts, and Blows Your Mind

This light sculpture by Numen/For Use bends reality to a new level. It’s a large cube of one-way mirrors lined with bright lights along the edges. Three of the cube’s six surfaces are made of flexible membrane, which bend as air is pumped into the cube by a huge compressor on one side. The other three surfaces are semi-transparent mirrors, so you can see into the cube’s infinite dimensions without leaving a reflection.

In other words, you get to peek into the Escher-esque abyss as it changes shape: “By inflating or deflating the air tank, the membrane turns convex or concave, deforming the reflections.” It must be seen to be believed. Make sure you scroll to the video below.

In the words of Numen/For Use, the Croatian-Austrian design collective that built the cube and others like it: “These objects, when lit, produce images that function as ideograms for non-Cartesian definition of space, in which the vanishing points are multiple and elusive, with the primary form of each solid projected ad nauseam, creating fractal light graphics.”

Full-screen and hit play to see your world expand:

Keep watching past the first minute, and you’ll get an idea of the cube’s size compared to a person.

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Squareeater: Entrain your brain with strobes & binaural beats Mon, 28 Oct 2013 13:00:36 +0000 Squareeater: Entrain your brain with strobes & binaural beats

“Welcome to a new generation of brain exploration,” says the front page of Squareeater, a free service offering audio-visual experiences called “squares.” The squares are described as “meditative devices” with names like “Chakra,” “Deep Down,” “Upper,” and “Strange Night.”

Each square uses binaural beats and other unusual sounds to achieve brainwave entrainment — the fairly recent and not-well-understood practice of causing one’s brainwaves to fall into step with an external stimulus. What’s a binaural beat? It’s the pulse or tone created in one’s mind when the left and right ears hear two distinct tones that are very close in pitch.

Searching “binaural beat” on the Web will turn up many tracks, all of them characterized by two discrete pitches that can create the illusion of a third pitch (or beat) in the listener’s brain. Proponents say that binaural beats aid in relaxation, control over one’s mind, and even bring about altered states of consciousness, but very little research is currently available.

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The Perception Scope Mon, 16 Sep 2013 14:23:09 +0000 The Perception Scope

People talk about how subtle psychedelic hallucinations can be. As long as your eyes are open, they say, objects may appear different — more vibrant, breathing in and out, or covered with patterns — but they won’t morph into faeries and slithering monsters like they do in the movies. Unless, of course, you take a heroic dose; then anything is fair game.

I disagree. I see “things that aren’t really there” on any decent dose, sometimes into the following day. If you haven’t seen more than patterns and wobbling walls, you probably just need some direction and practice. In fact, with the method below, you can experience some “visions” with just cannabis, or without any drugs at all.

The degree to which you hallucinate is within your control. If you’re inexperienced, then the naysayers are usually right — you won’t see tree branches melting into a three-dimensional fractal universe before your eyes.

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How to Conjure Visions in Ribbons of Smoke Fri, 03 May 2013 22:15:16 +0000 How to Conjure Visions in Ribbons of Smoke

The image of smoke swirling through the air, catching the light as it dances upwards, can be absolutely breathtaking. In a dark room with a single stick of incense, you can follow the threads of smoke as they weave about, reacting to your every breath.

Here’s the exercise. You will need: incense, a  candle, and materials for getting high (not strictly necessary, but cannabis amplifies the imagination in my experience). This works best indoors.

Turn off all the lights except for a single candle. I mean all of them — if you have so much as a dim nightlight on, the effect will be diminished. Light some incense and place it next to the burning candle. Arrange it so the smoke passes over the light of the candle. Put on some relaxing music — something tribal or mysterious if you have it. Absolute silence is also good.

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Tree of Light Sculpture Diffracting Into Rainbows Sat, 23 Mar 2013 00:10:04 +0000 Tree of Light Sculpture Diffracting Into Rainbows

I discovered this temporary light sculpture in a park in Austin, Texas and had to take a video. I was wearing diffraction glasses and tripping on shrooms, so every source of light exploded into a dazzling spectrum of colors. The effect was magical, as though the tree was scrawling across the sky with bright and fiery fingers.

The music completed the experience. Nodding my head to the Geographer song playing in my headphones (“Paris”) and watching the colors drift across my vision, I had one of those moments. You know the ones, where the scene is so perfect that you are struck speechless, wondering how can life contain moments this beautiful? I must be in a movie, right? No way scenes like this happen in real life.

Naturally, I took a video with diffraction glasses over the lens, and took note of the song that had captured the moment with such perfect serendipity.

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