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Setting: Early morning at a lakeside cabin in the woods of Vermont.
Chemical lens: 25I-NBOMe, a research chemical with effects resembling LSD. (25I-NBOMe is a very new chemical, its safety profile is largely unknown, and lethal overdoses have been reported. Consuming 25I-NBOMe or other research chemicals is risky and I do not recommend it.)

I walk outside as dawn arrives. Fog rolls across the lake and wraps the trees in a gauzy shroud. The silence is punctuated only by the chatter of birds and my own footsteps. My breathing takes its cue from the lake, gentle and unhurried. Where I exhale, a miniature fog bank forms, curling like smoke in the still air. They mingle together, my breath and the breath of the lake, dancing along the shoreline until they become one; vapor absorbed by vapor. I realize how beautiful these early hours can be.

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My Story, “Fireworks,” Featured in Psypress UK 2014 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/story-fireworks-featured-psypress-uk-2014/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/story-fireworks-featured-psypress-uk-2014/#comments Thu, 20 Mar 2014 13:39:27 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=2929 My Story, “Fireworks,” Featured in Psypress UK 2014

My previously unpublished tale, Fireworksis featured in the latest edition of psychedelic magazine Psypress UK. You can get a copy for just £5 plus shipping (in the US, it comes out to $17 total, but it’s well worth it).

Other featured writers include Dale Bewan, author of Dropping Acid, Ross Heaven, author of several books on shamanism, and Neil M. Goldsmith, author of Psychedelic Healing. Plus ten other submissions with titles like Myco-metaphysicsThe Dogmatist’s Debacle, and Reigniting Awe. And check out the cover art by Jeremy Beswick on the right. Intrigued? So am I — I can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail!

My submission, Fireworks, is about a transformative experience I had while tripping at an Independence Day festival.

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Jason Grapples With a Star http://psychedelicfrontier.com/jason-grapples-star-interstellar-trip-report/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/jason-grapples-star-interstellar-trip-report/#respond Tue, 24 Sep 2013 14:20:05 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=1365 Jason Grapples With a Star

Setting: The riverfront in Hartford, CT.
Chemical Lens: 25I-NBOMe, a “research chemical” with effects resembling LSD

Jason and I settle down on a green patch of grass in Riverfront Plaza. The fireworks are spent and the crowds have gone home. We are alone except for the cleanup crew, who rustle around collecting garbage and putting away equipment. They give us some strange looks as we remain there into the wee hours of the morning, but mostly they leave us alone.

Floodlights illuminate the city park. I feel like we are lying in the middle of a football field, complete with stadium lighting. We have found grassy solitude right here on the riverfront – our own urban meadow, boxed in by concrete. It’s small, but on psychedelics your interpretation is everything. From the smallest patch of grass I can take in the whole of human civilization, the planet, the whole damn universe.

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