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Update 5 March 2014: The study has been published, and the final copy is available here.

Rick Doblin, the founder and president of MAPS, said this in a recent “Ask Me Anything” interview on Reddit:

We’ve just completed the world’s first study of the therapeutic use of LSD in over 40 years, in Switzerland to treat anxiety associated with end-of-life issues. Eleven of the 12 subjects had never done LSD before and there were no serious adverse events, even in people facing death.

This recently completed Swiss study is truly momentous — it’s the first “double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation of LSD-assisted psychotherapy since the early 1970s.” This pilot study found that two LSD-assisted psychotherapy sessions successfully reduced anxiety in patients with terminal illnesses. The study was led by Peter Gasser, M.D., who wrote a letter (PDF) to friends and colleagues at its completion.

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Endtrip, a Sublime and Disturbing Take on Death Tue, 12 Nov 2013 13:32:49 +0000 Endtrip, a Sublime and Disturbing Take on Death

This video will take you on one freaky journey. Some parts will remind you of Enter the Void, the DMT-dusted death journey from Gaspar Noé, but other parts are completely original. From the Vimeo descripton:

Endtrip is an animation short film in which we experience a breathtaking trip through the bizarre and fantastical unconsciousness of a drug overdosed girl. This visually stunning journey offers a glimpse into the extraordinary and strange workings of the mind.

Check it out (full-screen mode recommended):

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One Last LSD Trip Mon, 21 Oct 2013 11:20:31 +0000 One Last LSD Trip

Aldous Huxley was known for his incredible books and essays, among them The Doors of Perception, a 1954 book discussing his experiences with mescaline, and Island, a novel about a utopian society. In Island, the citizens inhabit a constant state of acceptance thanks to meditation and a psychedelic agent they call “moksha medicine.” A character describes moksha as “the reality reliever, the truth-and-beauty pill,” allowing users to “catch a glimpse of the world as it looks to someone who has been liberated from his bondage to the ego.” Huxley was an elder statesman of the psychedelic movement, one who advocated the intelligent and cautious use of these chemicals to liberate the human spirit.

So it is fitting that, on the day he died of cancer 1963, Huxley asked his wife Laura to administer LSD to him — his own moksha medicine of choice.

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