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This post by Erica Zelfand, N.D. and Timothy Crespi, L.P.C., C.A.D.C was first published in the MAPS Bulletin and appears here with permission.

An hour after eating psilocybin mushrooms at a festival, Olivia notices her left hand is shaking. She can stop it with effort, but prefers to just let it do its thing. She isn’t angry, yet it feels strangely good to shout fragmented thoughts and hum Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.” The hand-shaking has progressed; now she’s flapping her whole left arm like a hemiplegic bird trying to take flight. The people around her have noticed and are keeping a distance.

This situation could end in a number of different ways. Some options include:

(A) A medical team appears, ties Olivia to a stretcher as she screams at them to let her go, and administers a benzodiazepine to sedate her.

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Hand in Hand: How Psychedelic Harm Reduction Is Making a Difference Now http://psychedelicfrontier.com/3970-2/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/3970-2/#comments Tue, 23 May 2017 11:00:12 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=3970 Hand in Hand: How Psychedelic Harm Reduction Is Making a Difference Now

This essay by Shannon Clare Petitt was originally published in the MAPS Bulletin, Winter 2016 edition. If you believe in MAPS’ mission of furthering psychedelic medicine while promoting harm reduction, please donate to their cause.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) continues to make huge strides towards the goal of establishing psychedelics as legal medicines. In advancing the cause of psychedelic therapy, the organization has also become a repository for experience and techniques essential for assisting people journeying through difficult psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic harm reduction is the practice of creating safe spaces in environments where the use of psychedelics is common, especially music and art festivals around the world. MAPS has committed to this mission by establishing the Zendo Project (zendoproject.org). MAPS MDMA Therapy Training and Zendo Project Community Engagement Coordinator Shannon Clare Petitt is one of the many people on the front lines of both the clinical and festival environments.

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Fantastic New Trip-Sitting Guide: The Manual of Psychedelic Support http://psychedelicfrontier.com/trip-sitting-manual-psychedelic-support/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/trip-sitting-manual-psychedelic-support/#respond Mon, 16 Mar 2015 13:06:00 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=3791 Fantastic New Trip-Sitting Guide: The Manual of Psychedelic Support

Even the hardiest, most vocal psychedelic enthusiasts recognize that trip experiences can be intense and sometimes difficult. Especially when taken in unfamiliar surroundings — such as crowded music festivals or in the desert heat of Black Rock City — psychedelics can cause untimely emotional meltdowns.

Now there’s an excellent guide for handling psychedelic crises, produced by some of foremost experts on harm reduction techniques. It’s called “The Manual of Psychedelic Support,” and its laundry list of contributors includes the Erowids, Rick Doblin, Jon Hanna (the founder of Mind States), Linnae Ponté (who runs MAPS’ excellent Zendo harm reduction tent), five members of Kosmicare UK, Dave King (co-director of Breaking Convention), and too many more to list. Featured artists include Alex and Allyson Grey, Fred Tomaselli, Luke Brown, Robert Venosa, and more.

This free guide is full of insight, and not just for festival organizers.

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8 Tips for Using Recreational Drugs Responsibly http://psychedelicfrontier.com/using-recreational-drugs-responsibly/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/using-recreational-drugs-responsibly/#comments Tue, 10 Jun 2014 11:30:36 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=3041 8 Tips for Using Recreational Drugs Responsibly

This week’s guest post is by Aaron Moritz. Aaron is an independent writer, researcher, video editor, and co-host of the Srsly Wrong podcast. Find more of his articles at his blog and check out the Srsly Wrong website.


The ‘War on Drugs’ and ‘Just Say No!’ campaigns have been colossal failures, and one of the main reasons — a reason people don’t like to talk about — is that taking drugs is fun, and not everybody who does it has a problem.

We don’t like to admit that, but it’s true.

I am not advocating that anybody use recreational drugs. However, some people will choose to do so, and it’s better they do it intelligently than stupidly. Recognizing and taking steps to mitigate risks is smart. It’s harm reduction. To that end, I believe the thoughts contained below will be helpful.

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