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“If I Could Change Your Mind,” preached by Reverend Mike Young at The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu on 5 November 1995.

If, on some Sunday morning, I would step up here into the pulpit and announce to you that I had an experience available to you, that you could come to the church on a given Saturday afternoon and spend with me between six and eight hours and I guarantee — virtually guaranteed at least almost guarantee; well, pretty certainly guarantee; oh, a good chance — that you would experience a total transformation of your own mind, the way you saw yourself, the way you experience the world out there and your relationship to it. How many would be interested? [About a dozen hands went up!]

There are a few adventurers left.

On Good Friday 1962, I was a subject in one of the last legal experiments that were done in this country with psychedelic drugs.

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My Share of Sacramental LSD http://psychedelicfrontier.com/lsd-wiccans-lunar-eclipse/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/lsd-wiccans-lunar-eclipse/#comments Tue, 25 Jul 2017 11:00:46 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=4085 My Share of Sacramental LSD

My first experience with taking LSD in a ritual context took place in 1980 in a Wiccan community in Northern California. But the event, an observance of the eclipse of the full moon, was by no means my first experience with psychedelics.

For the previous 14 years, I had used such psychedelics as LSD and psilocybin as part of a spiritual practice, often during the four years when it seemed to elevate my marriage into a cosmic union; and less often after my 1970 divorce, when I attempted — with very limited success — to reach acid light through meditation and psychic studies. Would Wicca bring me closer to the goal?

Wiccans seemed to share my worldview, one partly shaped by psychedelic experiences: the sacredness of the natural world, the unity of all being, the reality of divine presence within and surrounding us — not as a concept but as an experiential truth.

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Religious Leaders Tripping on Magic Mushrooms for Science http://psychedelicfrontier.com/religious-leaders-tripping-mushrooms/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/religious-leaders-tripping-mushrooms/#respond Tue, 11 Jul 2017 11:00:55 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=4065 Religious Leaders Tripping on Magic Mushrooms for Science

Among traditional cultures, psychedelic plants and fungi have long been viewed as spiritual medicines. Indeed, why partake of sacraments such as mushrooms, ayahuasca, or peyote cacti if not for their spiritual power? Yet in the West, where “spirituality” has long been conflated with religion — and where few sacraments aside from communion wafers and a bit of wine are acknowledged — these visionary plants have been viewed with suspicion.

That’s all changing. Among progressive scientists, psychedelics are now all the rage. Psilocybin, the active component of “magic” mushrooms, has shown promise in pilot studies for a wide range of applications, including quitting smoking and relieving anxiety among terminal cancer patients.

So in the midst of a “Psychedelic Renaissance,” it’s only fitting that researchers would turn their attention to the spiritual dimension of psychedelics. At Johns Hopkins University, 24 spiritual leaders — including Catholic priests, Protestant pastors, rabbis, and even a Zen Buddhist — are being dosed with psilocybin.

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Psychedelics in American Religious Experience http://psychedelicfrontier.com/psychedelics-american-religious-experience/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/psychedelics-american-religious-experience/#respond Mon, 04 May 2015 17:00:09 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=3824 Psychedelics in American Religious Experience

How important are psychedelics in the religious experience of the United States? We know drugs like LSD and psilocybin can occasion powerful, life-changing experiences of awe and renewal. We also know psychedelics have been used by millions of people since the 1960s. But no one has ever tried to count the number of people who’ve had psychedelic-related mystical experiences. I ran a survey of over 6,000 people to get an answer.

Background: Walter ‘Wally’ Pahnke and psychedelic mysticism

Fifty-one years ago, a massive 9.2 Richter scale earthquake shook Alaska. At the same time, Wally Pahnke was experiencing another sort of earthquake. It was Good Friday and the Harvard graduate was having his first experience with a high dose of an experimental drug called LSD.

As the drug took effect Pahnke first became aware of his core self — not the usual self that worried about the opinions of others or what-to-eat — but a “core stripped bare of all pretense and falseness,” as he described in a letter.

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New Video from Jason Silva: ‘Drugs As Tools For Spirituality’ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/video-jason-silva-drugs-spirituality/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/video-jason-silva-drugs-spirituality/#comments Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:12:58 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=3646 New Video from Jason Silva: ‘Drugs As Tools For Spirituality’

“The new space is inner space,” says Jason Silva in his new video. It’s the latest edition in his series of thought-provoking short-films called Shots of Awe, which continues to live up to its name. This episode focuses on MAPS — the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies — and the importance of set and setting in maximizing the potential of a psychedelic session. He name-drops Timothy Leary, who stressed the importance of preparing a positive tripping environment for yourself.

“You are immediately plunged into a dialogue with your own subconscious,” Silva says. Meanwhile, “The world becomes like a sensurround system. The fidelity, the resolution of the input signals get boosted so all of the sudden you are overwhelmed, almost eclipsed by the signals coming in. You are like a mind in flight.”

Check it out below, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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How a Banker Introduced ‘Magic Mushrooms’ to the West http://psychedelicfrontier.com/banker-introduced-magic-mushrooms-west/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/banker-introduced-magic-mushrooms-west/#comments Tue, 15 Jul 2014 16:32:06 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=3315 How a Banker Introduced ‘Magic Mushrooms’ to the West

In 1955, banker and amateur mycologist R. Gordon Wasson traveled to Mexico with a friend, where they became “the first white men in recorded history to eat the divine mushrooms.” Seeking the Magic Mushroom, published two years later in Life magazine, introduced psilocybin mushrooms to the West. Wasson wrote about his personal experience eating the mushrooms, and their ceremonial use by the Mazatec people as a healing agent.

The essay came at a perfect time, exposing a whole generation of young people to a natural, non-toxic, and easily grown psychedelic agent that had long been overlooked in the West. Wasson’s testimony also showed that such compounds had a long history of spiritual and therapeutic use, and were not just for reckless hedonists. Since the starry-eyed hippies of the 60s had no other guidance for taking mushrooms, this ceremonial context set a valuable precedent (although, then as now, not everyone was interested in taking the experience seriously).

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Moksha Medicine: Powerful Excerpts from Huxley’s “Island” http://psychedelicfrontier.com/moksha-medicine-two-powerful-excerpts-huxleys-island/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/moksha-medicine-two-powerful-excerpts-huxleys-island/#comments Mon, 12 May 2014 11:53:54 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=2870 Moksha Medicine: Powerful Excerpts from Huxley’s “Island”

One of my favorite books is Island by Aldous Huxley, a book often prized by psychonauts and others who enjoy looking at society from the outside in. In Island, Huxley lays out the structure for an ideal society while making piercing criticisms of modern Western culture.

As the title indicates, Huxley’s utopia is set on a small island, far removed from modern technology and divisive global politics. Some have criticized the book’s characterization and plot, but in Island these are secondary. This book’s main strength is in elaborating a great thinker’s vision of a truly civilized society.

I want to share a couple excerpts of this remarkable book with you. If I mentioned every noteworthy line, I’d end up reprinting the whole book, so I’ll limit myself to a couple highlights.


Dope or Medicine?

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Moving Into the Sacred World of DMT, by Nick Sand http://psychedelicfrontier.com/moving-sacred-world-dmt-nick-sand/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/moving-sacred-world-dmt-nick-sand/#comments Mon, 28 Apr 2014 11:34:12 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=2787 Moving Into the Sacred World of DMT, by Nick Sand

Nick Sand is one of the most prolific and well-known underground chemists in history. From 1966 to 1996, he produced huge amounts of LSD, as well as MDMA, synthetic mescaline, DMT, and other psychedelics that were distributed around the globe. Along with Tim Scully, Nick Sand was responsible for producing over 3 million hits of Orange Sunshine, a brand of LSD that was renowned for its quality and purity in the Sixties.

Sand has a particular fondness for DMT. In fact, it was a DMT vision quest in the 60s that convinced Sand to dedicate his life to producing and distributing entheogens. He was the first underground chemist to synthesize DMT rather than extracting it from natural sources, and the first person to discover that the DMT freebase could be smoked. And as you’ll see, he is also a passionate thinker and very engaging writer.

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Life Versus Entropy http://psychedelicfrontier.com/life-versus-entropy-tripping-fractals/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/life-versus-entropy-tripping-fractals/#comments Mon, 21 Apr 2014 11:35:52 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=2615 Life Versus Entropy

Setting: Early morning at a lakeside cabin in the woods of Vermont.
Chemical lens: 25I-NBOMe, a research chemical with effects resembling LSD. (25I-NBOMe is a very new chemical, its safety profile is largely unknown, and lethal overdoses have been reported. Consuming 25I-NBOMe or other research chemicals is risky and I do not recommend it.)

I walk outside as dawn arrives. Fog rolls across the lake and wraps the trees in a gauzy shroud. The silence is punctuated only by the chatter of birds and my own footsteps. My breathing takes its cue from the lake, gentle and unhurried. Where I exhale, a miniature fog bank forms, curling like smoke in the still air. They mingle together, my breath and the breath of the lake, dancing along the shoreline until they become one; vapor absorbed by vapor. I realize how beautiful these early hours can be.

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Free Book: The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary http://psychedelicfrontier.com/free-book-psychedelic-experience-timothy-leary/ http://psychedelicfrontier.com/free-book-psychedelic-experience-timothy-leary/#comments Fri, 28 Feb 2014 12:45:21 +0000 http://psychedelicfrontier.com/?p=2728 Free Book: The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Richard Alpert (aka Ram Dass) literally wrote the book on tripping. In 1964, they published The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead, which captured the imagination of psychonauts everywhere and laid the groundwork for all psychedelic literature to come. As the title indicates, this guide was inspired by the Bardo Thodol, re-interpreting the classic Tibetan text as a guide for ego death.

As the first spiritual guide to using psychedelics, The Psychedelic Experience was revolutionary, and continues to influence all aspects of psychedelic culture. It’s hard to imagine the wide variety of trip guides available today if it weren’t for this pioneering book. It’s still worth a read today.

You can read it for free online or download the PDF. And if you prefer, you can always buy a copy.

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