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Squareeater: Entrain your brain with strobes & binaural beats

Squareeater: Entrain your brain with strobes & binaural beats

“Welcome to a new generation of brain exploration,” says the front page of Squareeater, a free service offering audio-visual experiences called “squares.” The squares are described as “meditative devices” with names like “Chakra,” “Deep Down,” “Upper,” and “Strange Night.” Each square uses binaural beats and other unusual sounds to achieve brainwave entrainment — the fairly recent and not-well-understood practice of causing one’s brainwaves to fall into step with an external stimulus. What’s a binaural beat? It’s the pulse or tone created in one’s mind when the left and right ears hear two distinct tones that are very close in pitch. Searching “binaural beat”...
Song: "Parabol" by Tool, slowed to 1/8 speed

Song: “Parabol” by Tool, slowed to 1/8 speed

The original track was otherworldly to begin with. But Tool’s “Parabol” has a completely different feel when slowed down by a factor of eight. Ethereal and haunting, it’s more like a Gregorian chant than a single from a rock album. I recommend good headphones and your favorite consciousness-modifier (legal, of course). In case you’re thinking, “This is missing something…binaural beats?” I have just the thing. Now strap on your headphones and meditate. And if you’re one of those strange people who listens to music at normal speed, here’s the original along with some slowly shifting Alex Grey imagery....