The Best Psychedelic Tattoos on the Planet

The Best Psychedelic Tattoos on the Planet

Have you ever had a psychedelic experience so intense that you felt it would change your life forever? Did you wish you could immortalize the experience — say, by emblazoning swirling, psychedelic visions upon your skin forever? Okay, neither have I. But a few rare souls must have felt that way, because the tattoos below are undoubtedly psychedelic. From geometric blackwork to cosmic scenes, Alex Grey paintings to peyote cacti, there’s a trippy tat for all tastes. I’ve scoured the Internet to find the 15 coolest psychedelic tattoos on the planet.              ...
Deleted "Avatar" Scene Shows Hallucinogenic Vision Quest

Deleted “Avatar” Scene Shows Hallucinogenic Vision Quest

Did you know the script of James Cameron’s Avatar, the 3D blockbuster from 2009, originally called for a full-on psychedelic vision quest? The scene must have gotten cut fairly late in production, because it was filmed with live actors and animation had already begun. The CGI renders were left in a blocky, unfinished state, but it’s easy to tell what’s going on. Titled “The Dream Hunt,” the scene is a fascinating glimpse into the spirituality of Pandora’s native Na’vi culture. The main character, Jake Sulley, agrees to take part in the initiation ceremony, in which he must take potent psychedelics in...
Mesmerizing Gifs by Hexeosis Are a Trip All By Themselves

Mesmerizing Gifs by Hexeosis Are a Trip All By Themselves

Gifs may be best known as a format for eminently shareable memes, drawn from films, TV shows, and YouTube videos and shared around the Web as bite-size reactions to every possible situation. But in the past few years, a few creators have raised them to the level of art form. And some of those artists appear to have gone deep down the psychedelic rabbit hole, because their colorful, ever-looping creations speak the visual language known by every tripper. One such gif artist is Hexeosis, who has been producing animations at the intersection of mathematics and psychedelia since 2013....
Dream Worlds: The Visionary Art of Adam Scott Miller

Dream Worlds: The Visionary Art of Adam Scott Miller

 As an artist, I’ve had this sense of being an explorer- sailing into unknown territory to bring back maps to share of lands we are not yet in, or aware of. Adam Scott Miller, an American-born artist who lives and works in Queensland, Australia, has always been something of a visionary. According to an interview he gave to, two childhood events profoundly shaped his perception of the world — and, in turn, his art. Around age ten, for a year or so, I regularly experienced night terrors where I would wake up in the middle of a...
Canada's new passports have a very trippy secret

Canada’s new passports have a very trippy secret

Passports — those forgettable little booklets, churned out of some faceless bureaucracy and distributed to the masses to reduce each human to a barcode and a grainy, grim looking photo. Nothing could be more boring, right? Not in Canada. In Canada, passports are groovy — even better, secretly groovy. Canadian passports are like superheros — by day, timid and unassuming, blending in with the rest of the world’s official identification documents. But at night? They become glowing, crime-fighting mutants. If you have a black light, that is. And except for the crime-fighting mutants part — but they definitely glow. A spokesperson for  Citizenship and Immigration Canada...
New Video from Jason Silva: 'Drugs As Tools For Spirituality'

New Video from Jason Silva: ‘Drugs As Tools For Spirituality’

“The new space is inner space,” says Jason Silva in his new video. It’s the latest edition in his series of thought-provoking short-films called Shots of Awe, which continues to live up to its name. This episode focuses on MAPS — the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies — and the importance of set and setting in maximizing the potential of a psychedelic session. He name-drops Timothy Leary, who stressed the importance of preparing a positive tripping environment for yourself. “You are immediately plunged into a dialogue with your own subconscious,” Silva says. Meanwhile, “The world becomes like a sensurround system. The...
'Remember': A Mind-Blowing Series of Beautiful Illustrations

‘Remember’: A Mind-Blowing Series of Beautiful Illustrations

I recently discovered this incredible series of illustrations by Chops Wanderweird, called Remember. It’s as thought-provoking as it is beautiful, with a retro children’s-book vibe that I really love. Plus those intricate geometric lines, lovingly rendered in gorgeous colored pencil and ink, make me feel like I’m tripping! As you look through the pages you’ll catch snatches of ideas explored by Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, and other psychonauts and philosophers. Yet there’s something utterly original about this project. Prepare to get your mind blown. (Click each image for full-size and use arrow keys to navigate.) Oh, and...
Psychedelic DJ Conjures a New Reality in 'Plastic Flowers' Video

Psychedelic DJ Conjures a New Reality in ‘Plastic Flowers’ Video

This short video starts way, way out in the vast cosmos, then zooms in to a dreary hospital bed where a man lies comatose. But the patient’s mind is far from quiet. A DJ stands at a turntable, spinning up a new reality filled with colored bubbles and a giant four-armed sky god. A testament to the creative power of music and imagination, all in under 3 minutes. Is this what dreams are made of?  Liked this post? Subscribe to my RSS feed to get much more! Or enter your email address for weekly updates: Share this:
Incredibly Trippy Portraits of Famous Psychonauts by Nicolás Rosenfeld

Incredibly Trippy Portraits of Famous Psychonauts by Nicolás Rosenfeld

Nicolás Rosenfeld has produced an incredible series of portraits of famous psychonauts, from Carlos Castañeda and John C Lilly to Syd Barrett and Nick Sand. His artworks are intricate, intensely colored, and overflowing with peyote buttons, ether vapors, and cubensis stalks. Check them out below, and see even more at his website! Carlos Castañeda became famous as the author of a series of books, starting with The Teachings of Don Juan in 1968, supposedly relating his training in shamanism by a Yaqui sorcerer. The books include experiences with several drugs, including peyote, jimsonweed, and mushrooms. Though they were considered true-to-life anthropological...
This Cube of Infinite Mirrors Expands, Contracts, and Blows Your Mind

This Cube of Infinite Mirrors Expands, Contracts, and Blows Your Mind

This light sculpture by Numen/For Use bends reality to a new level. It’s a large cube of one-way mirrors lined with bright lights along the edges. Three of the cube’s six surfaces are made of flexible membrane, which bend as air is pumped into the cube by a huge compressor on one side. The other three surfaces are semi-transparent mirrors, so you can see into the cube’s infinite dimensions without leaving a reflection. In other words, you get to peek into the Escher-esque abyss as it changes shape: “By inflating or deflating the air tank, the membrane turns convex or concave,...
Moksha Medicine: Powerful Excerpts from Huxley's "Island"

Moksha Medicine: Powerful Excerpts from Huxley’s “Island”

One of my favorite books is Island by Aldous Huxley, a book often prized by psychonauts and others who enjoy looking at society from the outside in. In Island, Huxley lays out the structure for an ideal society while making piercing criticisms of modern Western culture. As the title indicates, Huxley’s utopia is set on a small island, far removed from modern technology and divisive global politics. Some have criticized the book’s characterization and plot, but in Island these are secondary. This book’s main strength is in elaborating a great thinker’s vision of a truly civilized society. I want to share a couple excerpts...
"Room 8" -- The Ending of this Short Film is Mind-Blowing

“Room 8” — The Ending of this Short Film is Mind-Blowing

This 7-minute film blew me away. At  first the stark tone and lighting drew me in. Then things started getting trippy in Room 8 and I couldn’t look away. It’s a fantastic film with echoes of Escher, Borges, Christopher Nolan, and Richard Kelly. (You probably know M.C. Escher and Christopher Nolan, but Jorge Luis Borges was an Argentinian writer whose incredible stories often featured mirrors, mazes, and infinity. Richard Kelly is the director of Donnie Darko and The Box, two very trippy movies.) Definitely hit full screen and pay attention for this one. Incredible as it may be, I don’t...