As an artist, I’ve had this sense of being an explorer- sailing into unknown territory to bring back maps to share of lands we are not yet in, or aware of.

Adam Scott Miller, an American-born artist who lives and works in Queensland, Australia, has always been something of a visionary. According to an interview he gave to solpurpose.com, two childhood events profoundly shaped his perception of the world — and, in turn, his art.

Around age ten, for a year or so, I regularly experienced night terrors where I would wake up in the middle of a dream and the experience would be merged with my waking reality for perhaps a half hour or so.  Often, or perhaps each time, I felt confused, and panicked amidst the surrealistic place in which I found myself, awake.  This life stage of perceiving dream worlds superimposed over the “real” world had a major impact on my psyche and sensitivity to the subtle.

When I was fifteen years old, I suffered an impact to my head resulting in a concussion and damage to my optic nerves.  Obvious to me afterwards, my memory and vision was affected.  Mysteriously, I began seeing subtle forms throughout all space, within my immediate vicinity.  … wispy strands that transfer between my fingers when held palm facing palm; snakelike currents of tendrils moving along floors, up walls and around corners; and perceiving things within a person’s “auric” field that move in immediate accord to that person’s movement.   …  This “shamanic wound” marked my life as a formative causal factor in how and what I see.

He describes his paintings as “artifacts excavated from exploring the relationships between mystical personal experience and universally relevant concepts.” His art, which he views as a “tool for discovery,” represents an exploration of the “numinous.”

“The ‘numinous,'” Miller explains, “is characterized by the quintessential qualities of the sacred: mystery, awe, fascination, satisfaction, and inspiration. One thing is certain: Miller’s paintings have that ineffable something which define the deepest visionary experiences, both psychedelic and otherwise. See for yourself below, and be sure to check out the artist’s website at adamscottmiller.com.

Witness by Adam Scott Miller

psychonauts by Adam Scott Miller

Adam Scott Miller


Thermodynamic Horizon by Adam Scott Miller


parabolic vehicle of conception


Adam Scott Miller

kindling the enigma by Adam Scott Miller

holotropic nature by Adam Scott Miller

Higher Self by Adam Scott Miller

Hand and Mind by Adam Scott Miller

akashic by Adam Scott Miller


flower by Adam Scott Miller

What do you think of Adam Scott Miller’s work? Do any of his paintings remind you of your own experiences or perceptions?

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