A very trippy new short film comes out today, and you can watch it for free!

Here’s how the filmmakers describe it on the film’s website:

Debbie and Doug (Angela Gulner and Zack Gold) are desperate to re-ignite the fire of their once passionate marriage, but their future is uncertain. About to hit rock bottom, they enlist the help of an alternative therapist (Maria Bamford) who claims that the only way to save their relationship from impending death is to take acid in Joshua Tree. When they accidentally take ‘ way, way, way too much’ of this prescribed antidote, Debbie and Doug are transported into a hallucinatory world filled with bizarre and hilarious characters (Larry King and Paul Scheer) who shed a unique light on the problems affecting both their relationship and themselves—forcing them to journey within to learn a sobering lesson in love.

Debbie and Doug Drop Acid in the Desert represents a very personal catharsis for director Scott Brown, who says “this film came screaming out of me in a dark time and it became incandescent, and in it, so much heavy weight evaporated.” It’s a story, he says, “about people desperate to love the person right next to them and somehow having forgotten how to do it. A comedy about people taking acid in the desert, and encountering the most fantastic manifestations of every facet of their souls, and the immeasurable beauty of the growth they can do when they walk through that fire.”

Debbie and Doug Drop Acid in the Desert

It’s a short film (25 minutes) but an epic journey. Along the way you’ll meet a divorce lawyer played by Paul Scheer (FX’s The League, MTV’s Human Giant), the Universe herself, the disembodied voice of Larry King, and this terrifying truth-spouting dude:

Screenshot from Debbie and Doug Drop Acid in the Desert

Hit fullscreen and give it a whirl:


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