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Orientation Before Preparation

Orientation Before Preparation How Magical Thinking Can Open Us to Transformation

Preconception Psychedelics are not a traditional part of modern Western culture. As psychedelics move toward becoming mainstream, they are being presented using familiar lines of thought. Psychedelic states of mind, which are traditional parts of some cultures, are presented as if the Western World has just discovered them. It’s “Columbus discovers America” all over again. According to one line of thought, psychedelics distort reality and are perverse. According to another view, they are medicines that can treat disease and restore clear thinking. A Westernization of the indigenous view holds them to be sacraments that can enlighten us. Groups...
Psychedelics, Therapy, and the Law

Psychedelics, Therapy, and the Law The Risks and Pitfalls of the Emerging Industry of Psychedelic Medicine

Today’s guest post is by Lincoln Stoller, PhD, CHt, a hypnotherapist in British Columbia who writes at The legal view of psychedelics is quickly heading for a change. A few organizations, like MAPS and Erowid, had maintained their position as providers of information during the illegal years. MAPS has focused on research, Erowid on information. They and others have held the fort, so to speak, but their effects have been small and, by themselves, they would not have precipitated social change. Law and policy are not driven by science, they’re driven by expediency and advantage. In the...
How Mescaline Helped Me to Better Understand Schopenhauer’s Philosophy

How Mescaline Helped Me to Better Understand Schopenhauer’s Philosophy Philosophical Explorations With Mescaline: Veganism and Schopenhauer

This guest post is by Sam Woolfe, a freelance writer who blogs about philosophy, ethics, psychology, and mental health at Catch him on Twitter: @samwoolfe A psychedelic experience can often be a chance to put our fundamental beliefs and opinions under the spotlight, whether intentionally or not. I’ve had a few experiences like this, particularly through solo experimentation with mescaline HCl, with the most profound experiences featuring major shifts in how I view myself and existence itself. In moments of clarity, narrow and negative beliefs about what I am like as a person and how I view...
To maintain momentum, the Psychedelic Renaissance must go mainstream. 

To maintain momentum, the Psychedelic Renaissance must go mainstream.  What I learned by joining the conversation

This guest post is by Magdalena Tanev, Co-host of the Brains Byte Back podcast and Senior Writer at Publicize. The tides have turned regarding public opinion about psychedelics. Since Nixon’s 1970 Controlled Substances Act, which criminalized LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, and DMT, potential uses for these drugs have been legally stopped in their tracks and engulfed by a widespread moral panic. Until now. Not only are we seeing an uptick in vital research for clinical and therapeutic applications of drugs like psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, and ketamine, but big names from across the spectrum are speaking out in support of...
Coronavirus Silver Lining

Coronavirus Silver Lining How the psychedelic community can leverage today’s renewed focus on mental health

Isn’t it time for a little good news? Today’s guest post by Lucia Huang is about Osmind, an organization offering a ray of sunshine in a time of cloudy uncertainty. This month, calls to the U.S. crisis hotline jumped 891%. Almost half of adults sheltering in place say that coronavirus has had a negative impact on their mental health. COVID-19 has also halted or slowed U.S. clinical trials advancing new medicines, many in behavioral health and psychedelic medicine including trials on MDMA and psilocybin. The pandemic has both short- and long-term implications on our mental health and is...
New short film, Debbie and Doug Drop Acid in the Desert

New short film, Debbie and Doug Drop Acid in the Desert A poignant journey with trippy characters -- including Larry King?!

A very trippy new short film comes out today, and you can watch it for free! Here’s how the filmmakers describe it on the film’s website: Debbie and Doug (Angela Gulner and Zack Gold) are desperate to re-ignite the fire of their once passionate marriage, but their future is uncertain. About to hit rock bottom, they enlist the help of an alternative therapist (Maria Bamford) who claims that the only way to save their relationship from impending death is to take acid in Joshua Tree. When they accidentally take ‘ way, way, way too much’ of this prescribed...
A Long Time Ago When the Sky Kissed Me Back

A Long Time Ago When the Sky Kissed Me Back An Excerpt of 'Love in the Time of Trump' by Mike Millard

This story of unexpected samadhi is excerpted from Mike Millard’s new book, Love in the Time of Trump: A jagged memoir of the psychedelic ‘60s, today’s politics and religion. School was out on that beautiful San Francisco spring day with protest in the air. Sagittarius dropped by to see if I wanted to go tripping around. His battered blue Monza convertible was running again and he had the top down. Sagittarius was a bit of a head case, but he was an old friend of Vernon’s and I knew him well enough to be fairly comfortable around him....
The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics

The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics Why millions of dollars are being poured into further research

Millions of dollars are being poured into microdosing research. The latest video of Dope Science, brought to you by FreeThink, explains why.
Cultivating Inner Growth

Cultivating Inner Growth The Inner Healing Intelligence in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

This article is by Shannon Clare, M.A., the Associate Director of Training & Supervision at the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation. It first appeared in the MAPS Bulletin Winter 2018: Vol. 28, No. 3 and is reprinted here with permission. Please consider donating monthly (or even just once) to support the incredible work that MAPS does to advance psychedelic science and profound healing. Just as a seed has within it the knowledge to grow, humans have an innate capacity to heal, when given the right environment to do so. When help is needed to create that environment, psychotherapy, like a greenhouse,...
Psychedelics and Witchcraft -- The Truth About Hallucinogenic "Hexing Herbs"

Psychedelics and Witchcraft — The Truth About Hallucinogenic “Hexing Herbs” The Sordid History of Deadly Nightshade, Mandrake, and Henbane

Were “hexing herbs” really used by witches in medieval times? Are they for healing, cursing, or consorting with the Devil? Learn all about the sordid history of Deadly Nightshade, Mandrake, and Henbane in today’s post. This text appeared in the original manuscript of Magic Medicine, my new book about the most fascinating psychedelics on the planet, but was cut for length. So this a sneak peek into the finished book, which covers 23 different plants, fungi, fish, and synthetic substances, from ayahuasca and 2C-B to “mad honey” and hallucinogenic sea sponges. Origins and Background Throughout human history, few...
Welcome to NYC's Psychedelic Film & Music Festival

Welcome to NYC’s Psychedelic Film & Music Festival An Interview with Organizer Daniel Abella

One of the most intriguing film and music festivals is coming to New York City, and it’s all about tripping: The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival is billed as “an ode to the exploration of altered states of consciousness created by music, art, film and psychedelia.” Its mission is “to explore the outer limits of consciousness with respect for others and the planet. To create a new paradigm for the adventurous.” Highlights include a performance by psych-horror soundtrack musician Simon Boswell, a talk with ethnopharmacologist and botanist Dennis McKenna (brother of the late Terence McKenna), the world premiere of...
'Magic Medicine' Author Featured on Psychedelic Milk

‘Magic Medicine’ Author Featured on Psychedelic Milk Cody Johnson Talks About Awe, Hallucinations, and Tripping in Narnia

Have you heard of Psychedelic Milk? You should definitely check it out. Psychedelic Milk is a podcast hosted by Ed Liu, all about alternative medicine for scientific healing purposes and spiritual growth. As you might have guessed, he often discusses psychedelics, but dives into all kinds of tangents from Taoist spirituality to flow states. Ed’s always searching for something fresh, and he’s produced over a hundred episodes of high-quality conversations with a range of sparkling personalities. Ed invited me on his show, and I’m happy to announce that I’m featured on Episode 109:  Magic Medicine with Cody Johnson |...