We’ve all seen them: those interminable pharmaceutical ads pairing long lists of side effects with triumphant music and happy people dancing, playing sports, and doing whatever happy people do once they’ve gotten past that condition that’s been ailing you. Behind the schmaltzy veneer there’s something dystopian and manipulative about those ads, trying to sell you on pharmaceutical solutions for problems you didn’t know you had.

Briteside, a cannabis delivery company, sends up the whole genre with an ad that’s guaranteed to make you laugh. The ad may be satire, but the company is very real, though they only operate in certain regions for obvious legal reasons. But be warned, if you start using their product, you may suffer from “elevated sensitivity to musical dopeness” and “relentless optimism.”

Weed — ask your doctor today!

Would you be interested in a cannabis delivery service it one was available in your area?

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