Have psychonauts gone mainstream enough to warrant their own music player? Apparently so! One more sign that the Psychedelic Renaissance is gaining momentum and coming into its own. What’s next, a social media network? (Actually, there is one! I’ll post about it soon.)

Stereodose an online music player dedicated to drug-induced states of mind. There’s the regular web app as well as one for Android. The iOS version comes out at the end of April. The interface is slick: select your drug (weed, ecstasy, LSD, or shrooms), your mood (with options like “thug life,” “shaman,” and “rolling balls”), and your playlist starts.

What about the music? So far, awesome! In fact I’m astounded at both the quality and the obscurity of the artists. The tunes are really great, ranging from chill to trippy, and many of the artists are unknown to me (I’m fairly well versed in a variety of genres, so they must be obscure). And that’s fantastic! There’s nothing I love more while tripping to music that is both mind-blowing and completely new.

Each track provides the source (usually Soundcloud) and links where you can buy the album. You can pause and skip tracks, and there are no commercials. Not sure what their business model is, but I like it!

Best part is you don’t even have to be high to enjoy it. Go try it out and let me know what you think in the comments. What’s your favorite playlist?

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